'The Loving Cup', 1872. Artist: Joseph Swain

'The Loving Cup', 1872. Artist: Joseph Swain

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'The Loving Cup', 1872. Mr Bull shares a Loving Cup with Colombia. This cartoon relates to the ongoing Alabama dispute, brewing since the end of the American Civil War. Eventually, the matter was settled by arbitration in Geneva. Representatives from Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Britain and the US were unanimous in finding Britain liable for damages caused by the 'Alabama'. Claims relating to the 'Florida' and the 'Shenandoah' were also settled. The US was awarded the sum of $15,500,000 (£3,100,000) in full and final settlement. This was considerably less than the £10,000,000 requested by the US. John Bull hopes that the matter is now finally concluded and that both countries can put it behind them. From Punch, or the London Charivari, September 28, 1872.

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  1. Joseph Swain, attributed to: British: Engraver
  1. John Tenniel: British: Artist, illustrator, painter

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