For the Sake of These!, 1871. Artist: Joseph Swain

For the Sake of These!, 1871. Artist: Joseph Swain

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For the Sake of These!, 1871. Peace holds the little children of France by the hand, as the starving and mourning citizens surround her. This relates to France's war against Prussia in which France had suffered much loss. Prussian troops had besieged Paris and, after more than 130 days and under continual bombardment, Paris had surrendered at the end of January 1871. Negotiations for peace were ongoing, but the terms demanded by the newly unified Germany were considered harsh. France, however, had little alternative but to agree. From Punch, or the London Charivari, February 11, 1871.

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  1. 11/02/1871
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  1. 11/02/1871
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  1. Joseph Swain, attributed to: British: Engraver
  1. John Tenniel: British: Artist, illustrator, painter

  1. Engraving

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  1. Allegory

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