'The Agricultural Jeremy Diddler', 1865. Artist: John Tenniel

'The Agricultural Jeremy Diddler', 1865. Artist: John Tenniel

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'The Agricultural Jeremy Diddler', 1865. Malt Tax Repealer asks: You don't happen to have Six or Seven Million about you, Sir? Gladstone replies: Yes, I Do - And I Mean to Keep Them About Me. In his 1864 Budget, Mr Gladstone had reduced income tax by 1 penny in the pound, and had reduced the duty on sugar and fire insurances. However, he had only promised to review the unchanged duty on malt. With a considerable surplus anticipated, and the 1865 Budget looming, those agitating for a reduction in the duty on malt were beginning to lobby. However, from this cartoon, it appears that Mr Punch did not hold out too much hope of their eventual success. From Punch, or the London Charivari, February 25, 1865.

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  1. 25/02/1865
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  1. 25/02/1865

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  1. John Tenniel, attributed to: British: Artist, illustrator, painter
  1. William Ewart Gladstone: British: Prime Minister of Great Britain, politician

  1. Engraving

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  1. Portrait
  2. Satire

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