'Something for Paddy', 1864. Artist: John Tenniel

'Something for Paddy', 1864. Artist: John Tenniel

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'Something for Paddy', 1864. Daniel O'Connell says: It's a Repaler ye call yourself, ye Spalpeen, and you're goin' to Die for the Union. On the right in this cartoon is the statue of the late Daniel O'Connell. O'Connell was the Irish leader in the Commons, and known as the Liberator. He was the founder in 1839 of the Repeal Association agitating for the dissolution of the union between Ireland and Britain. Here, a particularly simian representative of the Irish working population is preparing to emigrate to the States in order to earn better wages fighting for President Lincoln's cause. Behind Lincoln's mask, however, Death is lurking in wait. From Punch, or the London Charivari, August 20, 1864.

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  1. 20/08/1864
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  1. 20/08/1864
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  1. John Tenniel, attributed to: British: Artist, illustrator, painter
  1. Abraham Lincoln: American: President of USA, statesman
  2. Daniel O'Connell: Irish: Statesman, politician

  1. Engraving

Picture Type
  1. Caricature
  2. Satire

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