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The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu evolved from the Montagu Motor Museum, founded by Lord Montagu in 1952. It contains a world-renowned collection of over 250 cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles together with motoring eccentricities and memorabilia and includes a major photographic, film and video archive.

The fascinating and varied motor collection contains vehicles ranging from motorbikes and veteran and vintage cars through commercial vehicles to record breaking vehicles and recent Formula 1 Grand Prix cars. Coverage of the people who have shaped the motor industry ranging from designers such as Karl Benz and Sir Alec Issigonis to manufacturers such as Henry Ford and William Morris to Grand Prix drivers such as Graham Hill and Michael Schumacher underline the breadth and depth of this international resource.

The Motoring Picture Library of The National Motor Museum includes images of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, the motor industry, social history, motor sport and racing drivers. There is also a wonderful collection of motoring art including posters and paintings. Altogether the Motoring Picture Library is one of the world’s foremost sources of motoring and transport images.

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