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Thumbnail image of Evening Snow, 1797-1861., 1797-1861. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.

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Reception of a Persian Ambassador by a Mughal Prince, early 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Christmas, England, from the Holidays series (N80) for Duke brand cigarettes, 1890., 1890. Creator: George S. Harris & Sons.
Exactitude, 1929 (after). Creator: Pierre Fix-Masseau.
(Untitled), 19th century. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Ichimura Takenojo V as Yukanba Kozo Kichiza, from A Modern Water Margin (Kinsei suikoden),..., 1862. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada.
Derby Day, England, from the Holidays series (N80) for Duke brand cigarettes, 1890., 1890. Creator: George S. Harris & Sons.
Ichikawa Danjuro VII as Konoshita Tokichi, Nakamura Daikichi as His Wife, and Iwai Han..., ca. 1819. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada.
We're wearing lots of flowers this spring, especially on hats (Fashionable Magazine), plat..., 1853. Creator: Paul Gavarni.
Competition of Contemporary Fashions: Sexy Beauty, 19th century., 19th century. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada.
Print. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada.
Republic of France, 20 Francs, from the series Coins of All Nations (N72, variation 2) for..., 1889. Creator: Unknown.
Amelia Van Buren, late 1880s., late 1880s. Creator: Thomas Eakins.
La Reine d'Étrurie, 1863-67., 1863-67. Creator: Pierre-Louis Pierson.
Main Street of the Yoshiwara on a Starlight Night, 1852-64., 1852-64. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada II.
Print. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada.
Tombs of Great Arab Saints to be seen in the Neighborhood of Rosetta, Egypt, ca. 1800. Creator: Luigi Mayer.
Swallow and Wisteria, mid-1840s., mid-1840s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Sudden Shower over Shin-Ohashi Bridge and Atake (Ohashi Atake no yudachi), from the series..., 1857. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Male Nude Lying on a Table, 1567 (?). Creator: Monogrammist AW.
Narumi, Meibutsu Arimatsu Shibori, ca. 1832-1833. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Prince's Aerial Ship. Star of the East!, 19th century., 19th century. Creator: Norris's Lithography.
Miseries of Human Life: While Deep in Study and Lost in Thought in the Complicated..., October 1807. Creator: Nicolaus Heideloff.
Isaki and Kasago Fish, from the series Uozukushi (Every Variety of Fish), 1830s., 1830s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Plum Garden at Kamata, 1857., 1857. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Self-Portrait Leaning on a Stone Sill, 1639., 1639. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn.
A View of ye Grand Theatre & Fireworks erected on ye Water near ye Court at ye Hague (on O..., 1794. Creator: Robert Laurie.
Three Heroes of the Water Margin Capture the Bandit Queen Ichijosei, 1835., 1835. Creator: Shunbaisai Hokuei.
Kabuki Actor Arashi Rikan II as Akogi Heiji, from the print series Tosei keshokagami (Make..., 1835. Creator: Shunbaisai Hokuei.
Spring Rain Collection (Harusame shu), vol. 3: Marsh-tits and Crab Apple Flowers, ca. ..., ca. 1820. Creator: Hokuba.
[Woman Playing Cello], 1880s., 1880s. Creator: Thomas Eakins.
Imamiya Toka Ebisu, ca. 1828., ca. 1828. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Hyacinths, from "The Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature", June 1, 1801., June 1, 1801. Creator: Thomas Warner.
Fall of Antiochus From His Chariot, 18th century., 18th century. Creator: Noël Hallé.
Portrait of a Young Man in Profile, 1808., 1808. Creator: Paul Anton Skerl.
The Boston Massacre, 1770., 1770. Creator: Paul Revere.
Standing Female Figure, ca. 1739-40., ca. 1739-40. Creator: Pierre Ignace Parrocel.
Burning of the Henry Clay Near Yonkers-While on Her Trip From Albany to New York on Wednes..., 1852. Creator: Nathaniel Currier.
The Gazelle Lures the Hunter Away While the Mouse Frees the Bound Tortoise..., 18th century. Creator: Unknown.
The Queen Ilar (Irakht) Before the King Warning him About the Brahmins (?), Folio..., 18th century. Creator: Unknown.
Album of Tournaments and Parades in Nuremberg, late 16th-mid-17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Evening Snow, 1797-1861., 1797-1861. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
The Battle of Shahbarghan, Folio from a Padshahnama (Chronicle of the Emperor), 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Studies of a Woman Praying, early to mid-19th century. Creator: Ludwig Emil Grimm.
Twin Stars, 1851-96. Creator: Luis Ricardo Falero.
Paper Theater or Diorama of an Italianate Villa and Garden, ca. 1730-56. Creator: Martin Engelbrecht.
The Drink of Milk, 1882. Creator: Maurice Leloir.
Battle Between Iranians and Turanians, Folio from a Shahnama (Book of Kings), 1562-83. Creators: Muhammad ibn Taj al-Din Haidar Muzahhib Shirazi, Muhammad al-Qivam al-Shirazi.
Study of a Female Dancer, late 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Otto Greiner.
Head of an Girl from Civita d'Antino in Regional Dress ("Catarinella"), 1890. Creator: Peder Severin Krøyer.
Two studies of a Standing Man with a Sword (Alexander the Great); verso: Studies..., ca. 1601. Creator: Peter Candid.
Joan of Arc Imprisoned in Rouen, 1819. Creator: Pierre Henri Revoil.
The Flemish Picture Gallery, the Mansion of Thomas Hope, Duchess Street, Portland Place, 1830-51. Creator: Robert William Billings.
A Yachtsman, 1806-65. Creator: Robert Dighton the Younger.
A Park with Figures at a Statue near Water, 1775 (?). Creator: Salomon Gessner.
La Galerie de Girardon, 18th century., 18th century. Creator: Nicolas Chevalier.
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, early 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Drawing of a Mounted Arquebusier (Soldier on Horseback), late 16th century. Creator: Unknown.
Male Papaya Tree, ca. 1790-1800. Creator: Unknown.
Seated Cavalier, mid-19th century. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Madou.
Portrait of Sultan Ahmet I (r. 1603-17), early 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Coastal Scene with Beached Boats in Foreground, early-mid 19th century. Creator: Samuel Prout.
Title Page of the Gospel of John , 1300-1310. Creator: Sargis Pidsak.
An Orange-Headed Ground Thrush and a Death's-Head Moth on a Purple Ebony..., dated 1778. Creator: Shaikh Zain al-Din.
A Syce (Groom) Holding Two Carriage Horses, ca. 1845. Creator: attributed to Shaikh Muhammad Amir of Karraya.
Lady Smith and Her Children, 1800-1872. Creator: Simon Jacques Rochard.
Portrait of Abram Jacob Messir, 1841. Creator: David Wilkie.
Passion Flower, 1799. Creator: Sydenham Teast Edwards.
Venus and Cupid in a Landscape, after Annibale Carracci (recto), 1816-17. Creator: Theodore Gericault.
Woman in Pink Reclining on a Canape, 1819. Creator: Theodore Lebrun.
A Road in a Gorge near Naples, 1782. Creator: Thomas Jones.
Reading the Scriptures, 1874. Creator: Thomas Waterman Wood.
British Reception in Baghdad, 1865. Creator: W Henry Pierson.
Songs of Innocence and of Experience: To Tirzah, ca. 1825. Creator: William Blake.
Young Man Leaning Against a Tree With a Book, ca. 1780-89. Creator: William Wellings.
The Orphans, ca. 1830. Creator: Unknown.
The Awakening of Kumbhakarna in the Golden City of Lanka, Folio from a Ramayana, ca. 1605. Creator: Unknown.
The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, Folio from a Falnama (Book of Omens), 1550s. Creator: Unknown.
Nobleman on a Terrace, ca. 1780. Creator: Unknown.
Lady in Elizabethan Costume, late 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Four Tulips: Boter man (Butter Man), Joncker (Nobleman), Grote geplumaceerde..., ca. 1635-45. Creator: Jacob Marrel.
Ponte Santa Trinità, Florence, before 1832. Creator: James Duffield Harding.
A Sheet of Studies of Flowers: A Rose, a Heartsease, a Sweet Pea, a Garden Pea..., 16th century. Creator: Jacques Le Moyne.
The British Order: Elevation of a Capital and Part of the Fluted Shaft, 1762. Creator: James Adam.
Figures in a Garden, 1784. Creator: Jean Démosthène Dugourc.
Flowers in a Silver Caster, Fruit in the Foreground, 18th century. Creator: Jacques Andre Portail.
A Member of the Institute, 1798. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Regnault.
David Roentgen and Company in Saint Petersburg, ca. 1784-86. Creator: Johann Friedrich Anthing.
Returning Home, 19th century. Creator: Johann Georg Meyer.
Lunch at the Fork (Le Dejeuner à la Fourchette), 1813. Creator: Johann Gottfried Schadow.
A Black Curassow, n.d.. Creator: Johannes Bronckhorst.
The Tea-Tax-Tempest (The Oracle), 1774. Creator: John Dixon.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Otis and Child, 1834. Creator: Joseph H Davis.
Coronation of the Czar Alexander I, Moscow, September 1801, 1801. Creator: Lieutenant-Captain Cheleyev.
Angels and Putti, 17th century. Creator: Anon.
Persian Woman or Man Holding a Tray, 19th century. Creator: Anon.
A Standing Cavalier, late 16th-early 17th century. Creator: Anon.
Landscape with Windmill, late 18th century. Creator: Anthonie Erkelens.
The Saloon, Brighton Pavilion, ca. 1826. Creator: Augustus Charles Pugin.
The Pardon Refused (from Sir Walter Scott's "Kenilworth"), ca. 1826-29. Creator: Camille Joseph Etienne Roqueplan.
Osage Warrior, 1805-7. Creator: Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin.