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Thumbnail image of 'The Apse of Notre Dame', 1915. Artist: Edgar Chahine.

French President Emmanuel Macron vows to rebuild the medieval cathedral of Notre-Dame after a major fire partially destroys the iconic Parisian landmark.

Thankfully firefighters managed to save the 850-year-old Gothic building‘s main stone structure, including its two towers but the restoration project will be immense.

We wish the teams of experts, restorers and crafts people the very best in the challenge that lies ahead of them.

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Victor Hugo, 19th century.  Creator: Pierre Teyssonnières.
'Paris. - Panorama Vers Notre-Dame. - LL, c1910. Creator: Unknown.
Notre Dame, Les Quais de Paris, pub. 1931. Creator: Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson (1889 – 1946) .
'Notre-Dame De Paris', 1919. Artist: Alfred Latour.
Panorama of the River Seine with Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Îsle de la Cité, Paris, c1920. Artist: Unknown.
'The Ancient Island Heart of Paris With Its Nine Bridges Seen From The Air', c1935. Artist: Unknown.
Pius VII crowns Napoleon as emperor in Notre Dame in 1804.
'La Galerie Notre-Dame (3rd State, 11 1/8 x 6 15/16 Inches)', 1853, (1927.) Artist: Charles Meryon.
'Le Stryge (8th State 6 3/4 x 5 1/8 Inches)', 1853, (1927). Artist: Charles Meryon.
'L'Abside De Notre-Dame De Paris (4th State, 6 1/2 x 11 3/4 Inches)', 1854, (1927). Artist: Charles Meryon.
'Notre-Dame', 1915. Artist: William Walker.
'The Apse of Notre Dame', 1915. Artist: Eugene Bejot.
'L'Eveche', c1550-c1638 (1915). Artist: Unknown.
Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, c1920. Artist: Unknown.
'Le Petit Pont', 1915. Artist: CH Meryon.
Paris as seen from the towers of Notre Dame, c. 1900. Artist: Moreau-Nélaton, Adolphe Étienne Auguste (1859-1927)
Pont Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame de Paris, 1901. Artist: Luce, Maximilien (1858-1941)
Paris, c1900, (1903). Artist: Frederic Houbron
Exterior of Notre Dame, Paris, France, 14th century. Artist: Unknown
Notre-Dame de Paris, 1900. Artist: Luce, Maximilien (1858-1941)
Notre Dame de Paris, France, late 19th or early 20th century. Artist: Photographic Company
Notre Dame, Paris, c1888. Artist: Unknown
West front of the Church of Notre Dame de Paris, France, 1828. Artist: J Tingle
Funeral At Notre Dame, Paris, 1746, (1885).Artist: Charles Nicolas Cochin
Notre Dame de Paris, Western Façade, c1900. Artist: Unknown
Victor Hugo, French poet, dramatist and novelist,c1880. Artist: Anon
'Mass said by the canon de la Porte, or the main altar of Notre Dame, Paris', 1708-1710. Artist: Unknown
Monstrance, Notre Dame, Paris.  Artist: Nick Board
Reliquary of the Crown of Thorns, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. Artist: Nick Board
The abside (apse) of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, c19th century. Artist: Unknown
'Sacred Festival and Coronation of their Imperial Majesties', Paris, 1804 (1806).  Artist: Dorgez
L'ile de la Cite, Paris, 1937. Artist: Martin Hurlimann
Book stalls along the quays, Paris, 1931.Artist: Ernest Flammarion
'Notre Dame', c1870-1920 (1924). Artist: Jean Francois Raffaelli
General view of the Isle de la Cite, Paris, 1931. Artist: Ernest Flammarion
Front view of Notre Dame, Paris, 1931.Artist: Ernest Flammarion
'Notre-Dame de Paris from the Ile Saint-Louis', 1819. Artist: Amelia Long
French General Philippe Leclerc outside Notre Dame, liberation of Paris, August 1944. Artist: Unknown
Clearing of sandbag protection from the facade of Notre Dame, German-occupied Paris, 1940. Artist: Unknown
'The Cathedral of Notre Dame', 1836. Artist: Thomas Shotter Boys
'The Seine and Notre-Dame in Paris', 1864.  Artist: Johan Barthold Jongkind
'Notre Dame', Paris, 19th century. Artist: Frederick Nash
Laying paving slabs in a Paris street, c1900. Artist: Unknown
'Notre Dame Cathedral and Pont St-Michel', 1951. Creator: Shirley Markham.
View of Notre-Dame, Paris, 1864. Artist: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
'The Seine seen from Notre Dame', 1915. Artist: Charles Jouas.
'The Apse of Notre Dame', 1915. Artist: Edgar Chahine.