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Conversation, Finchingfield Village Fair, Essex ,1958. Artist: John Gay
'The Cato Street conspirators...', 1820. Artist: George Cruikshank
'Bob and The Bobby, Or Only His Fun', 1869. Artist: Joseph Swain
A police telephone box, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Artist: Dorothy Burrows
Margaret Thatcher leaving the Ross McWhirter Thanksgiving service, 16th December 1975. Artist: Unknown
Women police officers, c1910s. Artist: Unknown
A suffragette being arrested, c1910s (1935). Artist: Unknown
Mrs Pankhurst, arrested outside Buckingham Palace, London, 1914, (1935). Artist: Unknown
The Sidney Street siege, Whitechapel, London, 1911, (1935). Artist: Unknown
An East End child and a policewoman, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
Policeman helping schoolchildren across the road, East End, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
A London policeman's funeral, 1894. Artist: Paul Martin
Sir Robert Peel, British Prime Minister, 19th century. Artist: W Holl
Sir Robert Peel, British Prime Minister, 19th century.Artist: J Cochran
'The Habitual Criminal Cure', 1869. Artist: John Tenniel
A suffragette demonstrating in Whitehall, London, c1908. Artist: Unknown
More Police!, 1877. Artist: Joseph Swain
'Pictures for Posterity', 1883. Artist: Unknown
Policewomen being inspected by Mary S Allen in London, May 1915. Artist: Unknown
'The Bull's-Eye', 1872. Artist: Adolphe François Pannemaker
Search by a policeman, c1945-c1965. Artist: SW Rawlings
Port of London Authority policeman on patrol, c1945-c1965. Artist: SW Rawlings
An informal portrait of a traffic policeman standing in the road, City of London, c1946-c1959. Artist: John Gay
Margaret Thatcher outside the House of Commons, London, 1959. Artist: Unknown
The Queen Mother visiting the Duchess of Northumberland, Belgravia, London, 1963. Artist: Unknown
Police stand guard at Viscount Linley's school, 28th April 1970. Artist: Unknown
A policeman with his arm raised as two double decker buses pass by, City of London c1946-c1959. Artist: John Gay
'A Peel-er and a Re-pealer', 1833. Creator: Alfred Ducôte.
A policeman, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
The London Stone in the wall of St Swithin's, Cannon Street, London, 1926-1927. Artist: McLeish
Distribution of the Maundy Money, Thursday before Easter, Tower of London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
Port of London Authority policeman, c1945-c1965. Artist: SW Rawlings
A group portrait of a policeman and his family, Warwickshire, 1905. Artist: A Newton
A policeman, 1855. Artist: Day & Son
Horse-drawn vehicles in Queen Street, London, 1870-1900. Artist: York
'The Great City Police', 1840. Artist: Anon
'The evening after a mock election in the Fleet Prison, June 1835'. Artist: Isaac Robert Cruikshank
St Michael Paternoster Royal, College Street, City of London. Artist: Unknown
Mandy Rice-Davies. Artist: Unknown
Robert Peel, British statesman, arriving at the House of Commons, London, January, 1846. Artist: Unknown
The Great Hall, The Old Bailey, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown