International Womens Day - Gallery

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Lauren Bacall, American film and stage actress and model. Artist: Unknown
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837, (1932). Artist: Rosalind Thornycroft
Florence Nightingale, British nurse and hospital reformer, c1836 (1956). Artist: William White.
Marie Curie, Polish-born French physicist, 1917. Artist: Unknown
Nurses' rest room, Montague Hospital, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, 1968. Artist: Michael Walters
Florence Nightingale, English nurse and hospital reformer, 1854. Artist: Unknown
'Snow, Moon and Flowers', c1812. Artist: Katsukawa Shunsen
'Sholes' Type Writer', 1872. Artist: Unknown
Women making butter, 1808. Artist: William Henry Pyne
Josephine Baker, American-born entertainer and singer, c1932. Artist: Unknown
Ironing room in a laundry, 1867. Artist: Unknown
A seated lady has her hair curled and dressed to a towering height, c1770. Artist: Unknown
Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), German-American political scientist, c1963. Artist: Unknown
Rosalind Franklin (1920-1958), British chemist. Artist: Unknown
The Nurses Window (detail), Church of St Bartholomew the Less, London. Artist: Bill Forbes
Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland, c1588. Artist: George Gower
Queen Elizabeth II (b1926) flying back from Barbados on Concorde, 1977. Artist: Unknown
Virginia Woolf, English novelist, essayist and critic, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
George Sand, French novelist and early feminist, c1845-1876. Artist: Unknown
Frances Trollope, 19th century English novelist. Artist: Unknown
Anita Loos (1888-1981), American screenwriter, playwright and author, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
George Eliot as a young woman, c1840. Artist: Unknown
Anne Frank (1929-1945). Artist: Unknown
George Eliot, English novelist, 19th century. Artist: G Sidney Hunt
Charlotte Bronte, English novelist, 1850.Artist: George Richmond
Emmeline Pankhurst arrested by Superintendent Rolfe outside Buckingham Palace, London, May 1914. Artist: Unknown
Emmeline Pankhurst, c1909. Artist: Unknown
Portrait of a woman, 1898.Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
'Flora', 1886 (1934). Creator: Unknown.
'Virgin and Child with St Anne' (detail), 1502-1516. Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
'The Birth of Venus' (detail), c1485. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
Venus de Milo, c130-120 BC. Artist: Alexandros of Antioch
Drawing for Aphrodite by Pierre Louys, 1896. Artist: Antoine Calbet
Virgin of Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. Artist: Unknown
'The Toilet of Venus' ('The Rokeby Venus'), 1647-1651.  Artist: Diego Velázquez
Natajara, the Hindu Lord of the Dance, a depiction of Lord Shiva as the cosmic dancer, Indian. Artist: Werner Forman
Women police officers, c1910s. Artist: Unknown
Mamie Eisenhower with the US Army's first women generals, 15th June 1970. Artist: Unknown
Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992), German born actress, c1930. Artist: Unknown
Anne Bonny, c1698, Irish Pirate.Artist: Karen Humpage
Evelyn D'Alroy, actress, 1911-1912. Artist: Unknown
Marilyn Monroe, American film actress, in How to Marry a Millionaire, c1953. Artist: Unknown
'Women of Britain Come into the Factories', c1940. Artist: Unknown
French WWI postcard, 1914-1918. Artist: Unknown
'Salomé', 1870. Artist: Henri Alexandre Georges Regnault
'Will you follow me, men?', c61 AD, (1905).Artist: A S Forrest
Florence Austral (1894-1968), Australian soprano. Artist: Unknown
Edith Cavell with her pet dogs, c1915. Artist: Unknown
Stay young, playing golf in Germany, railway poster, c1930. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Fry, British prison and social reformer, c1798-1800 (1956). Artist: Unknown
Ingrid Bergman, Swedish film actress. Artist: Unknown
Mae West (1893-1980), American actress, playwright, screenwriter, and sex symbol. Artist: Unknown