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Mail coach on the Bath to London run, c1840. Artist: Unknown
Staff sorting letters at the Post Office, Mount Pleasant, London, 20th century. Artist: Unknown
'The Postman's Knock' c1855 .  Artist: Anon
'The joys of stamp collecting', 1937. Artist: Unknown
Black Victorian pillar box, Rochester, Kent. Artist: Bill Forbes
'The Letter', 1910. Artist: William Mouat Loudan
Yuri Gagarin, Soviet Russian cosmonaut, 1961. Artist: Unknown
A Queen Mother 80th birthday celebration stamp, 1980. Artist: Unknown
The Eiffel Tower viewed from the Pont de Passey, Paris, France, 1907. Artist: Unknown
Stamping and sorting office, General Post Office, London, 1875. Artist: Unknown
Block of twenty 'Penny Black' stamps, 1840, (1910). Artist: Unknown
Postage stamps depicting famous golfers, St Vincent, 1992. Artist: Unknown
Shipping the post, Zeppelin LZ 127 'Graf Zeppelin', 1933. Artist: Unknown
Post box, Hotel Windermere, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Artist: Dorothy Burrows
Queen Victoria post box, Tyseley, West Midlands.  Artist: Dorothy Burrows
General Post Office, London, c1844. Artist: TH Ellis
'GR' letter box, Lesbury, Northumberland.  Artist: CR Henderson
Set of postage stamps featuring Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), 1941-1942. Artist: Unknown
Victorian postbox, Talskiddy, St Columb Major, Cornwall, 2000. Artist: P Williams
'The Royal Mails starting from the General Post Office, London', 1830 (1927).Artist: R Reeves
Post box, Llangollen, Denbighshire, North Wales. Artist: David Toase
Mail call on board a ship, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
'Edinburgh-London Royal Mail'. Artist: D Dally
Paying for letter delivery, c1870 Artist: Oskar Pletsch
General Post Office, Lombard Street, London, 1808. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson
'The General Post Office. One Minute to Six', 1860.  Artist: George Elgar Hicks
A postman, 1855. Artist: Day & Son
Red post box from Queen Victoria's reign, Cambrose, Cornwall. Artist: Coates
General Post Office, Lombard Street, London, 1827 Artist: Charles Hunt
'There is the Postman's knock!', 1867.  Artist: Anon
The postman, early 19th century. Artist: Thomas Rowlandson