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Albert Prince Consort with Princess Victoria and Eos, c1843. Artist: G Lucas
Pub landlord, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, 1968. Artist: Michael Walters
'A Charm from the Skies Seems to Hallow us There'.Artist: American Stereoscopic Company
England vs Mexico during the 1966 World  Cup, Wembley Stadium, London, 1966. Artist: Unknown
A father and daughter sail a model yacht in the sea, Blackpool, c1946-1955. Artist: John Gay
The Royal family in the gardens of Clarence House, London, 1951.  Creator: Unknown.
'Henry VIII and Prince Edward', (1902). Artist: Unknown
Postcard with golfing theme, c1900s-c1910s. Artist: Unknown
Yakov Petrovich Polonsky, Russian poet, 1880s. Artist: Andrei Osipovich Karelin
Russian author Alexander Kuprin at home with his family, Gatchina, Russia, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Fernandel, French actor and singer, with his son Franck, 1967. Artist: Unknown
The Prince and Princess of Wales with their family on board the royal yacht, 19th century (1910). Artist: Unknown
Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg with baby Marlon, Heathrow, London, 1970. Artist: Unknown
Ronald Reagan during his war service, 1942. Artist: Unknown
Family singing around a Wurlitizer organ as father plays, De Kalb, Illinois, USA, 1962. Artist: Unknown
Cyclists, Brugge, Belgium, c1960s.
Roy Rogers, American singer, musician and actor in westerns. Artist: Unknown
George V and the Prince of Wales reviewing the Fleet, July 26th, 1924, (c1935). Artist: Unknown
'Brook Trout Fishing', 1862.Artist: Currier and Ives
An elderly Gloucestershire man pouring a pint of beer, c1946-c1949. Artist: John Gay
'A Smoker', 1890-1892. Artist: Paul Cezanne
Sealing bottles of port wine at the Cutler Street warehouses, London, c1945-1965. Artist: SW Rawlings
Wine (port) tasting, c1950s-c1960s. Artist: Henry Grant
A trophy of champagne for driver Jim Clark, winner of the Aintree 200 race, April 1962. Artist: Unknown
England vs Uruguay during the 1966 World Cup, Wembley Stadium, 1966. Artist: Unknown
Cricket match on Kew Green, Greater London, 1962-1964. Artist: John Gay
England scoring a try against Scotland, Twickenham, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
'Football Sketches', 1887. Artist: Unknown
'The Lobster', 1902. Artist: Spy
'Part of Cricket', 1903. Artist: Pierre Mac Orlan
'Thunderball' by Terence Young, GB/USA, 1965. Artist: Terence Young
'The Prodigal Son in the Tavern' (Rembrandt and Saskia), c1635.  Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
Traditional English pub, Hampshire, 1978-1980. Artist: John Gay
James Bond's Aston Martin DB5, used in the film Goldfinger, (c1964?). Artist: Unknown
Pearly king, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Hoppe
A pub landlord with a display of the Batchelors 5 day catering pack on his bar, 1968. Artist: Michael Walters
The Beatles playing around during rehearsals before the Royal Command Variety Performance, 1963. Artist: Unknown
Sean Connery (b1930), Scottish actor, 1960s. Artist: Unknown
The Rolling Stones in Paris, 1960s. Artist: Unknown
Tsar Alexander II and his daughter Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, late 1850s. Artist: Andrei Deniere
'Daddy, What did you do in the Great War?', British recruitment poster, c1940. Artist: Johnson, Riddle & Co
'Cricket Field at Bournville', 1892. Artist: Unknown.
Horse race, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
Football in the East End, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
The Rolling Stones, 1967. Artist: Unknown
Frankie Howerd and some of the girls from St Trinian's at Shepperton Studios, Surrey, c1966. Artist: Unknown
'Cabs', 1903.Artist: Spy
Mexborough Sprint Team, South Yorkshire, 1965. Artist: Michael Walters
Open-air art exhibition, Hampstead, Greater London, 1960-1965. Artist: John Gay
President Roosevelt and Mr and Mrs Longworth, 1906, (1908). Artist: Unknown
Auto Improvements, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, 1965. Artist: Michael Walters
King Haakon VII of Norway (1872-1957) with his son Olav (1903-1991), 1908.Artist: Queen Alexandra
Rolls-Royce enclosed drive landaulette with partition behind the driver, c1910-1929(?). Artist: Unknown