Wimbledon - Gallery

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Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich of Russia, 1894. Artist: Wag
Cover of The Household Ledger magazine, American, June 1903. Artist: Unknown
Roy Emerson, Australian tennis player, in action at Wimbledon, 1964. Artist: Unknown
Suzanne Lenglen winning her first championship at Wimbledon, 1919, (1930). Artist: Unknown
Young men playing a form of tennis, 16th century. Artist: Unknown
A women's final at the old Wimbledon, 1905. Artist: Unknown
Cover of Collier's magazine, May 21, 1932. Artist: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth II with HF David, Chairman of the All England Club at Wimbledon, 1962. Artist: Unknown
The Duke and Duchess of Kent, Wimbledon, 1977. Artist: Unknown
Charlton Heston and Sepp Maier have a beer after playing tennis, Munich, Germany, 1976. Artist: Unknown
'Thrice Champion', 1904.Artist: Spy
Ivan Lendl playing Aaron Krickstein, Roland Garros, French Open, 1985. Artist: Unknown
Suzanne Lenglen playing Miss McKane, Wimbledon, London, 1926-1927. Artist: Unknown
'Tennis', 1920. Artist: Unknown
'A Lawn Tennis Problem', 1923. Artist: Unknown
'Lawn-Tennis Costume', 1879. Artist: Edward Linley Sambourne
Cover of The Saturday Evening Post, American, July 20, 1935. Artist: Unknown
Princess Grace of Monaco partnering her husband in the doubles tournament, Monte Carlo, 1976. Artist: Unknown
Senator Edward Kennedy (b1932) playing tennis, c1970s. Artist: Unknown
Alphonse Daudet, French novelist, 1890. Artist: Unknown
Employees playing tennis, Rowntree Tennis Club, York, Yorkshire, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Evonne Goolagong, Australian tennis player, 1970. Artist: Unknown
The Duke of York as a competitor in the men's doubles at Wimbledon, 1926, (1937). Artist: Unknown
Althea Gibson (1927-2003), American tennis player, c1950s. Artist: Unknown
'Hygienic Excess', 1879. Artist: George du Maurier