Cleopatra - Gallery

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Glenda Jackson playing Cleopatra on the Morecambe and Wise Show, 1971. Artist: Unknown
'Cleopatra testing poisons on those condemned to death', late 19th century.   Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Elizabeth Taylor (1932-), British actress, 1963. Creator: Unknown.
Scene from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Artist: S Waterson
'Cleopatra', c1880-1882.Artist: W Unger
'Two Monuments of London', advert for the Hotel Cecil, 1925. Creator: W Welsh.
A coin with the head of Cleopatra, ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic period, c51-30 BC. Artist: Werner Forman
'Cleopatra and Caesar (Anthony and Cleopatra)', 19th century. Artist: JC Armytage
Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, (1804).Artist: J Chapman
Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Constance Collier and Alice Crawford, English actors, 1907.Artist: FW Burford
Cleopatra VII (69-30 BC), Queen of Egypt, dissolving pearls in wine, 1866. Artist: Frederick Augustus Sandys
Set design for a Ballets Russes production of Cleopatra, 1909. Artist: Leon Bakst
'Cleopatra', ballet costume design, 1909. Artist: Leon Bakst
'The Banquet of Cleopatra', 1743-1744. Creator: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.
'The Entourage of Cleopatra', 1746-47.  Artist: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
'The Death of Cleopatra', 1875.  Artist: Hans Makart
Lillie Langtry as Cleopatra, c1890. Artist: Unknown
Horizontal detail of a relief of Cleopatra and Caesarion ,Temple of Hathor, c125 BC - c60 AD. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Taylor, British actress, starring in the title role in Cleopatra, 1963. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Taylor (b1932) in a scene from 'Cleopatra', 1963. Artist: Unknown
Erection of Cleopatra's Needle, 1878. Creator: Unknown.
Roman gold coin issued to commemorate the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra, c30 BC. Artist: Werner Forman