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Eddie Fisher and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, at a party in Rome, 1961. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Taylor, English-American actress, c1950s(?).Artist: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Elizabeth Taylor (1932-), British actress, 1965. Artist: Unknown
A kiss for Helen of Troy from Dr Faustus, Oxford Playhouse, 14 February 1966. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Taylor (1932-), British actress, and Richard Burton (1925-1984), British Actor,1965. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Taylor (1932-), British actress, 1963. Creator: Unknown.
Scene from "Raintree Country", 1957. Artist: Edward Dmytryk
Elizabeth Taylor (b1932) and Henry Wynberg arriving at Amsterdam Airport, 1973. Artist: Unknown
Elizabeth Taylor (b1932) in a scene from 'Cleopatra', 1963. Artist: Unknown
Richard Burton (1924-1985) and Elizabeth Taylor (1932- ), British actors, 1972. Artist: Unknown