Richard III - Gallery

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'Death Of Richard The Third', 1485, (c1850). Artist: Unknown
Contemporary painting of King Richard III (1452-1485), 2013. Artist: Karen Humpage
Richard III of England, (1799).Artist: J Chapman
King Richard III. Artist: Unknown
Scene from Shakespeare's Richard III, (1591), c1858. Artist: Robert Dudley
Richard III, King of England from 1483, (1932). Artist: Rosalind Thornycroft
Battle of Bosworth Field, 22 August 1485 (1864).  Artist: James William Edmund Doyle
'The days seemed very long and dreary to the two little boys', c1483, (1905).Artist: A S Forrest
Death of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field, 22 August 1485 (c19th century). Artist: Unknown
'The Children of King Edward IV of England', 1852.  Artist: Paul Delaroche
King Richard III, (1452-1485). Artist: Unknown
Anne of Warwick (1456-1485), queen consort of King Richard III, 1851. Artist: Unknown
Anne Neville, Queen consort of King Richard III of England 1483-1485.Artist: Anne Neville Artist: Unknown
Richard III, stained glass window, Middleham, North Yorkshire. Artist: J Allen
Richard III of England, (1786).Artist: John Goldar
Scene outside the Tower of London, depicting the beheading of Lord Hastings, 1483 (c1850). Artist: Anon
Richard III and Edward IV. Artist: Unknown
Richard III of England, (17th century).Artist: P Vanderbanck
Richard III of England, (18th century).Artist: Reynolds Grignion
Launceston Castle, Cornwall, late 19th or early 20th century.  Artist: Church Army Lantern Department
Richard III of England, (18th century).Artist: George Vertue