St Francis of Assisi - Gallery

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St Francis of Assisi, Italian priest and founder of the Franciscan order, 1493. Artist: Unknown
'St Francis Preaching to the Birds', 1297-1299, (c1900-1920). Artist: Unknown
'Madonna and Child between St Francis and St John the Evangelist', c1320s. Artist: Pietro Lorenzetti
'The Virgin and Child with Saints Francis and Sebastian', 1491. Artist: Carlo Crivelli
Graham Faulkner as Francis of Assisi in Franco Zeffirelli's film 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon', 1972. Artist: Unknown
St Francis and the Doge Francesco Dona, Order of the Doge, 1548. Artist: Unknown
The Church of San Francesco, Assisi, Italy, 1926.Artist: Louis Wherter
Sanctity: 'St Francis in Meditation', 1635-1639 (1956). Artist: Unknown
St Francis of Assisi, stained glass, St Anne's Church, Hailes, Gloucestershire. Artist: Dr Stephen Coyne
St Francis, stained glass window, St Lawrence's Church, Bradfield, Essex, England. Artist: Derek Anson
St Francis, side portal, Basilica of St Francis, Assisi, Italy.  Artist: Dario Fusaro
'St Francis Receiving the Stigmata', 1937. Artist: Nicolo Boldrini
'St Francis Receiving the Stigmata', late 15th-early 16th century. Artist: Francesco Francia
Saint Francis of Assisi statue, Murcia, Spain. Artist: Elizabeth Disney
'Death of St Francis and Inspection of Stigmata', c1320. Artist: Giotto
'St Andrew and St Francis', c1590-1595. Artist: El Greco
'The Ecstasy of St Francis', 1437-1444. Artist: Sassetta
'Rocky Landscape with Saint Francis', early 17th century. Artist: Abraham Govaerts
St Francis, well-dressing, Tissington, Derbyshire, England. Artist: Dorothy Burrows
'Francis of Assisi'. Artist: Master of Hoogstraaten
'Stigmatisation of St Francis' 1300. Artist: Giotto
'Saint Francis', 1932.  Artist: Nicholas Roerich
Sao Francisco Church, Evora, Portugal, 2009. Artist: Samuel Magal
'Obsequies of St Francis', 1482-1485 (1870). Artist: Franz Kellerhoven
'St Francis preaching', Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Umbria, Italy.  Artist: Dario Fusaro