Vikings - Gallery

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Brooch from a Viking grave, 9th century. Artist: Unknown
Viking runestone with a ship and the eight-legged horse Sleipnir, 8th century. Artist: Unknown
The Academician's' animal head-post from the Oseburg Viking ship burial, 9th century. Artist: Unknown
Viking cross-slab showing the story of Sigurd. Artist: Unknown
Circular Viking gold brooch from Denmark, 9th century. Artist: Unknown
Tapestry fragment showing a Viking horseman. Artist: Unknown
Viking silver cup from Jelling, 10th century Artist: Unknown
Massive silver Viking bracelet, 10th century. Artist: Unknown
Viking gilded bronze dress fastener, 9th century. Artist: Unknown
Panel of the Gundestrup cauldron.
Norse chessman (Warder:Castle:Rook), Isle of Lewis, Scotland. Artist: Unknown
Two Viking period swords. Artist: Unknown
Vitlycke is one of the largest surfaces of rock carvings in the whole of Scandinavia.
Helmet from a Vendel boat grave.
Model of the Oseberg Ship.
Silver Viking 'Thor's Hammer' amulet, 9th century Artist: Unknown
Scandinavian imitation of the Long Cross penny of Ethelred II.
Coins, mainly Byzantine and Islamic - part of Viking treasure found in burials which illustrate theextent of Viking travels.
The Oseberg Ship.
Illustration from the collection of Icelandic sagas, the Flateyjarbok.
Stave church carving with a scene from the story of Sigurd.
Three-ringed collar with filigree granulation and carved figures.
Viking longships under sail. Artist: Albert Sebille
Smith's mould for casting both Christian crosses and Thor's hammers.
Pair of gold brooches.
Bridle mount.
Comb decorated with a human and animal head.
Detail of a carving from a stave church portal illustrating the story of Sigurd.
Stave church at Fagusnes, Borgund.
Silver-mounted rock-crystal sphere, a pendant from a necklace.
Arm ring, terminating in dragon-heads.
Detail of a carved funerary stone.
Bird-like mask used as a mount for the top of a staff.
The Gokstad Ship.
A Knight - The Lewis Chessmen, (Norwegian?), c1150-c1200. Artist: Unknown
The so-called "Sigurd's Helmet". Possibly refers to the historical Sigebert of the Franks who die
A Norse ship incised on a piece of wood.
Pendant representing a Valkyrieoffering a horn.
Head of a Viking warrior, c9th-11th century. Artist: Unknown
Memorial picture stone decorated with whorls symbolising the sun and vignettes from the hunt.
Viking ceremonial fork, Sweden. Artist: Werner Forman
Page from the Codex Regius, Iceland, late 13th century. Artist: Werner Forman
Detail of an animal head on the Mammen horse-collar, Viking, Jutland, Denmark. Artist: Werner Forman
Viking amber head, Denmark. Artist: Werner Forman
Viking silver arm ring and gold brooch, Hornelund, Denmark, 10th century. Artist: Werner Forman
Fierce human mask carved on the side of the Oseberg cart, Viking, Norway, c850. Artist: Werner Forman
Gold bracteate, Viking, Migration period, c300-700. Artist: Werner Forman
Silver pennies of William I. Artist: Unknown
Cast lead-alloy disc brooch. Artist: Unknown
Anthropomorpic figure from a copper hoard, probably used as a cult object.
Alfred the Great (849-899), Anglo-Saxon king of Wessex from 871, 885 (1864). Artist: Unknown
The Lewis Chessmen, (Norwegian?), c1150-c1200. Artist: Unknown
Viking leather boot, 10th century. Artist: Unknown