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The Visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada - the Citadel of Quebec, from Prescott Gate...., 1860. Creator: Richard Principal Leitch.
Entrez Messieurs...Voici de magnifiques paletots que je vends a perte..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Qu'allons-nous devenir, Seigneur dieu? qu'est ce qui soutiendra le pauvre monde..., 1836. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Impressions de voyage d'un grand poète, 1842. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Nouveautés philantropiques, 1841. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Place de la Bastille, 1850. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Jikken Print Shop, c1802. Creator: Hokusai.
Oh! Papa, Papa...v'là un beau polichenelle.., 1851. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Nos comptes sont faciles a établir.., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Le Chapeau qu'on rapporte de Paris, 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Doll Festival, c1802. Creator: Hokusai.
Mizuguchi, 19th century. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Edinburgh Castle, from the Corn Exchange, in the Grassmarket, 1860. Creator: Smyth.
The Paris Wine Market: the Brandy Quarter, Rues de Languedoc and de la Côte d'Or, the Cellars, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Exmoor Pony Fair at Bampton, Devon, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"The Village Smithy", by Lewis, in the Crystal Palace Picture Gallery, 1860. Creator: Morgan.
Sale at Calcutta of valuable government presents and Lucknow jewels, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada - the Citadel of Quebec, from Prescott Gate...., 1860. Creator: Richard Principal Leitch.
Improved street architecture: Mr. Harry Emanuel's new house of business in Brook-Street..., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
General Store/Office in City of Song Tiang, Province of Wu, 1860. Creator: Felice Beato.
Dyers' Quarters, Kanda, 1857. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Servant-Girl and Policeman, 1905. Creator: Ivar Arosenius.
Street market. Creator: Francois Knibbergen.
Fish Market with Ecce Homo, 1570. Creator: Joachim Beuckelaer.
Market scene. Creator: Constantijn van Renesse.
Market Scene with Ecce Homo, 1565. Creator: Joachim Beuckelaer.
Market Scene: Ecce Homo, the Flagellation and the Carrying of the Cross, 1561. Creator: Joachim Beuckelaer.
The Village Shop, 1896. Creator: Carl Wilhelmson.
Scene from Dutch colony. Creator: Claes Jansz Visscher.
The Waffle-Baker's Shop at Djurgården. Creator: Elias Martin.
The Birdmarket, Amsterdam, mid-late 17th century. Creator: Emanuel de Witte.
Weeping Woman in a Blacksmith's Shop, mid-17th century. Creator: Gabriel Metsu.
The Christmas Fair, 1872. Creator: Georg von Rosen.
The Market Place, Concarneau, 1880. Creator: Johan Ericson.
The Shop of the Bookdealer Pieter Meijer Warnars on the Vijgendam in Amsterdam, 1820 or earlier.  Creator: Johannes Jelgerhuis.
Boy secretly takes a puff of a cigar held by a man looking at sheet music, c.1900-c.1950. Creator: Mat.
Man shows two children toys on the pavement outside a print shop, c.1875-c.1925. Creator: Pedro de Weyer.
Bookstalls on a quay in Paris, 1911.  Creator: Rolf von Hoerschelmann.
Sketches of gold being weighed, and children, 1771. Creator: Christina Chalon.
View of the Weinmarkt  in Augsburg, 1742-1801. Creator: Anon.
She is my wife, not my daughter, 1827. Creator: Henry Bonaventure Monnier.
Shopkeeper of the Moravian Church with a customer, 1803-c.1899.  Creator: J. Enklaar.
The old town hall in Amsterdam, 1791. Creator: Jacobus Buys.
Fish market in Rotterdam, 1816. Creator: Jan Antony Langendijk.
The print shop of Luigi Valeriano Pozzi in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, 1788-1847.  Creator: Luigi Valeriano Pozzi.
The Pawnshop (Mount of Piety), c.1856-c.1857. Creator: Matthijs Maris.
Figures in a butcher shop, 1887. Creator: Marius Bauer.
Market scene, 1923. Creator: Marius Bauer.
Sketches at Gibraltar, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
Street Scene in Lisbon: from a picture by the Viscount de Menezes...1876. Creator: Unknown.
The American Centennial Exhibition: one of the Principal Streets in Philadelphia, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
Mode of Advertising in Philadelphia, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
"The Best in the Market - a Shop Door in Rome" - painted by Mrs. E. Murray - from the..., 1858. Creator: Smyth.
The Bazaar, Oodipoor, Rajpootana - from a drawing by W. Carpenter Jun., 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Sketches in China - the Burning of Telesio's Store, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Street Scene in Lahore - from drawings by W. Carpenter, Jun., 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Street Scene in Lahore - from drawings by W. Carpenter, Jun., 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Old Houses, Moorfields, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
A Sketch in the Streets of London, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
The London Crystal Palace, Regent-Circus, Oxford-Street, 1858. Creator: Unknown.