Napoleon's retreat to the Berezina, 1812, (1936). Creator: Unknown.

Napoleon's retreat to the Berezina, 1812, (1936). Creator: Unknown.

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Napoleon's retreat to the Berezina, 1812, (1936). 'Napoleons Rückzug An Der Beresina, 1812'. French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) riding a white horse at the head of his army, retreating towards Soissons after the defeat at the battle of Laon in northern France, (not retreating to the River Berezina). After 'Campagne de France, 1814', painting made in 1864 by Ernest Meissonier, in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris. From "Bilder Deutscher Geschichte", (Pictures of German History), No.12, cigarette card album. [Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, Altona-Bahrenfeld, Hamburg, Germany, 1936]

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier: French: Artist, painter, printmaker, sculptor
  1. Napoleon Bonaparte I: Corsican: Emperor, soldier, politician
People Related
  1. O.H.W. Hadank: German: Artist, graphic designer
  2. Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld: German: Publisher, publishers, publishing company

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  1. Cigarette card

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