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'Holy Family', c1495-1500. Artist: Andrea Mantegna

'Holy Family', c1495-1500. Artist: Andrea Mantegna

2-324-653 - © Russian Look / Heritage-Images

'Holy Family', c1495-1500. The Virgin and Child flanked by Mary's parents, Joachim and Anne. From the collection of the Dresden Picture Gallery, Dresden, Germany.


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  1. 0690000213
  1. 2-324-653
  1. 2324653
  1. ZGS0590-13

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Image Information

  1. Andrea Mantegna, attributed to: Italian: Artist, painter, sculptor, printmaker, engraver
  1. Virgin Mary: (Judean?): Saint
  2. Jesus Christ: Judean: Prophet
  3. St Joachim: Hebrew: father of the Virgin Mary
  4. St Anne: : Saint
Picture Type
  1. Portrait

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