Werner Forman Archive

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Heritage Images are proud to announce the addition of the Werner Forman Archive to their already extensive list of partners. As the world’s pre-eminent photographic collection of ancient civilizations and antiquity the archive superbly complements the unique content already represented by Heritage Images.

The Archive encompasses all of the great civilizations held within the world’s most important public and private collections, including the The British Museum, the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and The Louvre to name but a few.

Born in Prague in 1921, Werner Forman has been the sole photographer and co-author of more than 150 books that have all been published in numerous different language editions. He is ranked as one of the world’s greatest photographers of archaeological sites and ancient, oriental and tribal art.

Having photographed, in the course of his long career, archaeological sites, cultural monuments and objects in more than 55 countries, Werner Forman has amassed a priceless archive that has become a highly valued resource of images within publishing, TV & film, advertising and marketing throughout the world.

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