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Ecclesiastical & Eccentricities

Religions and beliefs of the world form the core of EE stock, from the ‘Ear of God’ to Easter Island statues and Voodoo shells.

Temples, cathedrals, mosques, and churches, ancient through to modern, decorative or derelict, are photographed whether tucked away or on the tourist trail. Festivals and ritual, people, the objects and symbols associated with ‘belief’ of different faiths are stocked with special categories such as saints, stained glass, manuscripts, Biblelands, and illustrations.

Eccentricities continues to expand with shell houses, old toilets, grottoes, follies, whale bones, signs, punishments, all that is esoteric, sensational or odd.

Secular Architecture covers country houses, barns, and schools whilst Places includes everything from grain stores in Tunisia to massive sundials in India.

Commemorative and Death covers all forms of disposal of the dead such as cremation in Bali, mausolea in Malta, and monuments to the famous or special events.

Images of ancient stones, sites, carvings, illustrations, from the Bronze age to the Vikings are available alongside Heritage which draws together castles, abbeys, prisons, industrial archaeology, farming heritage, seaside interest, bridges, parts of buildings, entrances and exits, the obscure and quirky.

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